Abhilaksh Lalwani
Gunjan's Thrive Not Survive - coaching process addresses specific personal targets, be it relationships or profession by examining what is going on, and then choosing a course of action to make your life be what or where you want it to be.
Abhilaksh Lalwani, Dehradun
Vibhor Gupta
Gunjan is an excellent life coach - she knows the right questions to ask and is extremely intuitive and insightful. You will leave a session with her feeling empowered and having further clarity on what you want from life.
Vibhor Gupta, Dehradun
Sanchari Banerjee
I started coaching to make my life happier and to improve my personality. It was really wonderful and I got what I expected. I feel much more fulfilled and my perception about life and living happily has changed. During the coaching, I was able to overcome many issues that affected me and lead a more peaceful life. Gunjan always has a positive energy and helps generously. Thank you so much for being my coach ! 
Sanchari Banerjee, Kolkata
Sunayna Mehta
Couldn't have asked for a better coach. Gunjan came into my life much before she started coaching but I always knew that she was different from the rest and is meant to do something extremely different. She's helped me with issues prevailing for a very long time. She's superbly patient and dedicated to her work. Thanks a ton!
Sunayna Mehta, New Delhi
Aashna Kapoor
When Gunjan started coaching me, it’d be easy to say that my life was a ‘mess’ of sorts.
Making small goals and successfully achieving them were just a few major life changes I had gone through.
She has coached me through some major life decisions, that as a result, have made me stronger than ever. After every session, I’d feel strongly motivated and inspired to lead a life full of meaning. I am grateful for her constant support that has brought me to where I am today. As a pessimist, I’d only have one approach to seeing things however my whole perspective on life changed drastically.
I’ve learned so much from her and I’m looking forward to grow and focus on the positive aspects of life.
Aashna Kapoor, Pune