What is Life Coaching?

Before we understand what life coaching is all about, let’s lay some foundational rules:

1. Your life is yours to shape and nurture; I am only here to help with the direction a little, as and when you need a helping hand.

2. This isn’t a Q and A, fill the form, assessment styled coaching session; this is a conversation – safe and secure- between you and I, about life in general and yours in specific.

3. Lastly, I will not provide the answers, but instead would encourage and support you to identify them. Your strength and answers lie in your story, of which you are the narrator, writer and driver. I am here, to help you shed light into the crevices and illuminate the way. You are the torchbearer; always remember. The power lies in you. I am here to simply remind you of the same.

What all do I need to know about Life Coaching?

The International Coach Federation (An International nonprofit organization dedicated to professional coaching) explains ‘Professional Coaching’ as an ongoing relationship. This relationship is a journey, where the client is encouraged to take action towards the realization on one’s vision, goals, or desires. By leveraging a process of inquiry and personal discovery, the coach helps to build the client’s awareness and responsibility by providing structure, support and feedback.

The coach plays a pivotal role in helping to define professional and personal goals and nudging it towards a self-affirming, positive and successful route.

Building upon the above discussion, I, Gunjan Juneja- a certified life coach, have seen the impact of coaching in my own journey, where it has played a monumental role in in the process of re-discovering myself. For me Coaching is a symbiotic relationship, between the client and the coach, which focuses on building and positive trajectory: a positive way forward, instead of dwelling into the past, and rather learning from it. It is a holistic process, focused on reaching the ‘authentic self’. In this journey, the client offers and the coach listens, deeply and focused. The coach then provokes the deep-seated thought and emboldens the client to find appropriate answers through powerful questioning.

Do I need coaching?

If you are curious or concerned to know, what shape or route your life might or should take next and what can you do to encourage a more positive, affirming and prosperous life – life coaching might just be made for you.

Let’s look into some questions that life coaching can help you find answers to:

  • Do you have goals that you want to achieve?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your personal or professional life?
  • Are you willing, driven and motivated to start a journey that will enable you to make the changes you've wanted but are unable to act on them?

These are questions we all visit on an occasional or even regular basis. This is our life; we are talking about after all. We all have perplexing questions and worries, that often we may not be rightfully equipped to deal with.

Coaching can help you find those answers. Looking for answers is a sign of strength and must never be considered a weakness.

Do you wish to impact your life positively and urge it to take a more soul satisfying and valued route? Then Coaching is for you.

Unlike therapy or counseling, coaching is applicable to and beneficial to all. You don’t need a specific reason for coaching, you just need curiosity and faith that this life is yours to nurture and there is someone who wishes to help you actualize your utmost potential and strength, as long as you are willing and eager to make a positive change and move forward.

The client, in partnership with the coach,

shapes their OWN path….

towards their OWN goals…

at the pace THEY are comfortable with.

No Judgment! No Competition!

Coaching is just about the client and them celebrating this beautiful life!